Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Justin Bieber Continues to Campaign Against Texting and Driving

Justin Bieber is not giving up on his fight to stop texting and driving. In fact, he spent his day with the Brown Family and PhoneGuard yesterday to work on his campaign.
"Great day in LA...," Justin tweeted on Monday. "Got to work with the Brown Family to #stoptextinganddriving with #phoneguard - u have a choice - dont text and drive."

As we previously reported, the 17-year-old pop star is working with the makers of the Drive Safe mobile app to raise awareness and funds for charities like the Alex Brown Foundation. Justin spent time with Katrina Brown while working on promotions for the cause, and even tweeted a pic of them hanging out.

"It is tragic that almost on a daily basis there are reports of deaths and severe injuries caused by drivers who are texting and driving," the singer said in a statement. "We need to change the attitudes in our society toward texting and driving and I am making it one of my personal goals to make this happen."

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